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Own it. Earn it.


Our Starter Toolkit is perfect for marketing novices who want to learn how to run their own professional marketing campaign on a shoestring budget, leverage the free tools of the internet and turn their business’s growing audience into dollars in the bank.


The Starter Toolkit will teach you:


  • How to create your own content calendar (with our editable template)

  • How to use our blog topic brainstorming worksheet to know what to write about at just the right time

  • How to build emails and grow subscribers using our Create Your Own Email Marketing Campaign Template

  • How to design social media graphics and turn followers into happy customers 


Industry-specific toolkits give you even more.


  • Each industry toolkit includes a detailed content calendar complete with a full year of social media, blogging, and email planning

  • We break down each marketing channel and provide hundreds of blog keywords and over 50 content topics

  • Learn how to send beautifully designed email campaigns and promote your brand more effectively on social media using the right engagement tactics and design templates


And it's all using free platforms to execute the marketing plan.



Timing is everything.


The content calendar is a blueprint for your entire marketing strategy. It helps you plan which platforms to use to reach your audience, what topics to talk about, and when to talk about them. Whether you're promoting for a season or an event, the more you plan efficiently the more relevant and contextual you will be to your audience - making your content more relatable and engaging.


Are you wondering when you should start writing that next blog, how those blogs work into your newsletter schedule, or what a social media promotion calendar looks like? Although each calendar comes equipped with over 50 blog topics, no matter if your blogging cadence is once a week or once a quarter, the calendar is easy to personalize. And since we give you calendar files, you can easily update your existing Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars and view your strategy where ever you are, on any device, and with no additional cost.


The content calendar is the best way to see the timing of all your projects in one place and stay on top of your expanded marketing efforts. 

Content Calendar
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Everything is content. Content is everything.

Use our marketing calendar as a game plan or create and personalize your own following our lead. The content calendar is easy-to-use and fully customizable to fit within your busy schedule.

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Edison on Main Blogging



Write shareable, engaging blog posts that bring new audiences to you. We help you personalize your message with SEO-friendly content with five key topic categories and hundreds of SEO-building keywords.


No matter how frequent you have time to blog, we will provide you with over 50 topics to choose from so you can get started as quickly as possible.


And finally, we'll give you some expert tricks to break up your text with strong subheadings, imagery, and video to keep your readers' attention.

No coding needed.

We teach you to use Medium's free account platform for the purpose of sharing content on social media. This allows you to share content whether you have a website or not. By leveraging Medium’s easy-to-use platform you can avoid learning complicated systems like Wordpress or Drupal and better yet, there is not CMS training or coding needed.

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Often overlooked, one of the most effective marketing strategies is your email list. The email marketing module will give you the tools you need to make the most of your time and answer some of your most important questions.


What does a great email look like? How can you create emails that will actually be read? And even better, how can you use emails to grow your business and drive revenue?


Email campaigns work perfectly alongside social media, blogging, and other promotional campaigns in the content calendar so you know just when to send - and we use Mailchimp's free email platform so you can stretch every advertising dollar. 

Open, read, forward.

Explore editorial and design best practices to learn how to use links, video, and imagery - all while staying mobile friendly. We’ll take a deep dive into newsletters with a customizable layout, grow your subscriber base with our tips and tricks to list building, use industry outreach to your advantage online, and move your readers to take action.

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Creating stronger relationships.


Whether it serves as a platform to support blogging, email list building, or promoting products, using our social media marketing best practices can lead to more engagement and strengthen your relationships online. 


We'll tell you just what you need to include in your post to maximize your impact and reach more customers with the perfect mix of imagery, personalization, and sharing your brand voice in a fun way. 

Edison on Main social media guide

No social introverts here.

Cat got your tongue on social? Not anymore! We'll teach you how to engage with your customers online with simple engagement ideas and get you started by highlighting some of our favorite (and free) customizable design templates on Canva to share your posts in a more eye-catching way. 

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Edison on Main royalty free photo library



How would you ever be able to add stunning photos to your blogs, social media posts, or email campaigns without an image library to pull from?


As a free bonus, each toolkit comes with a curated library of royalty-free images (and we show you where to find more).

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