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tell your story visually




Design it. Share it.


Our Designer Toolkit is made for marketing beginners who want to learn how to execute professional marketing campaigns on their own and make it look like they hired a graphic designer.


The Designer Toolkit includes everything in the Starter Toolkit plus tips to take your marketing campaigns, sales support efforts, and branding endeavors to the next level - visually.


The Starter Toolkit provides the framework of your campaigns - teaching you what to say and when to say it. The Designer Toolkit takes that same message and gives you the templates and the know-how to transform it in a visually appealing way to capture the attention of your viewers both online and in person.


Learn how to design eye-catching infographics using numbers and large call outs, one-page guides that focus on key concepts important to your readers, and powerful case studies to share your many success stories - all using free design platforms like Canva that require little to no design experience and packaged in one convenient toolkit.

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Edison on Main's Infographic



Infographics and short guides are fun to create. They can repurpose the content you already have so you can reach customers in a new way.


Transforming slide decks, blogs, or whitepapers into a shortened version also captures the reader's attention in a quicker-to-read format for customers on the go or for those who lack the time and effort to sit down and read more lengthy content.


We'll point walk you through key features, help you conduct industry research to boost credibility, and show you some of our favorite templates on Canva to get you up and running quickly.

The facts speak for themselves.

The toolkit will introduce industry analysis and research best practices to find relevant trends and statistics your readers find most interesting. And once the research is complete, this toolkit will give you easy-to-use design templates to share your findings in creative ways.

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You're great at what you do - just check out your case studies! Whether it's proving your worth to existing clients or showing off one of your various success stories to win new business, case studies are a powerful tool digitally or in print. 


We'll teach you the keys to case study copywriting and pinpoint the most effective and easy to design layouts that Canva has to offer.

Edison on Main Case Studies

Developing a story to design.

We will dive into how your audience typically interacts with your brand through time (also called your buyer's journey), and then create a plan to reach them at every stage. Customer journey mapping is an integral part of your overall brand communication strategy.

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Anyone can write. Now anyone can design, too.


Whether you're reporting on industry trends or telling the story of the childhood lemonade stand that started your entrepreneurial endeavors, your long-form content serves as a critical component of your overall brand effort. 


We will show you how to create ebooks and white papers that use our content consolidation process which gathers multiple pieces of shorter content together that will keep the captivate your reader's attention and deliver your message in all its glory! 

Edison on Main white paper
Edison on Main ebooks

It's time to update the marketing calendar.

The better you understand how your customers interact with your brand the better you can reach them at just the right time with just the right message. That's why we've added your creative initiatives to the content calendar.

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Edison on Main brand guidelines



How do you want your brand to look? If you had only 30 seconds to describe your brand, would you be able to set it apart from your competitors?


Brand guidelines can be as simple as determining your colors, fonts and logo treatments or can go much further into your brand voice and imagery. The first step to building a brand is to be consistent across the board, from business cards to purchase orders, and this toolkit will be your guide.

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